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Other Shonen-Ai Comics/Online Manga

Your Wings Are Mine
Friendly Hostility
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
Red Lexi
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--Soccer is Full of Cheese--
Honeydew Syndrome

Comics Not Invloving Mad Hot Butt Sex ("Normal" Comics)

--Star Bored--
The B-Movie Comic
Dindsney's XXXX--
Spare Change
Reckless Youth
Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy
The Curious Adventures of Aldus Maycombe
Ugly Girl
No Pink Ponies

Et Cetera (Everything Else)

Million For Marriage
Michelle: Petition to legalize same-sex marriage. Go sign it. All American families deserve the same protections, gay or staight. So go forth, citizens (um... those of you who are citizens...) and do your gay civic duty! Do it, I say! Lest I unleash my severe disappointment in you!
Maria: Yeah. What she said.

Our Tegaki E Blog
Michelle: Way cooler than a regular blog; no text, all drawings. :D
Maria: We heart your comment doodles!

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