NOOKITT #2- 9/12/03- School:
I burnt myself on a microscope today -__- I'm also slightly ill with a low-grade fever, but--- a girl is complaining about her lunch. I'm all like, "Dude, you're a senior, pack your own lunch." What was I saying? Oh, yes. I'm ill. But I have tea so everything's better. I've been seeing
Mike in the hall lately. We hug and make orgasmic noises. People stare, but what can you do? I just scanned in four new comics, so be on the lookout for 'em! Maybe I'll even color a few for a change. Oh, crap, I got pen on my nose. How many of my peeps be on Paxil, yo? I've been on it for a while (for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [henceforth known as OCD]), and now I'm on Wellbutrin as well (AKA Dopamine). It's supposed to counteract the amazingly fast weight-gain properties of Paxil (I gained 60 pounds in, like, a year and a half). I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS HEAVY IN MY LIFE! It's getting hard to wipe, man, because my fat gets in the way! Dammit! Screw everything! The plus side of all this: a new wardrobe. Have you ever been so hungry that you seriously consider swallowing your gum so your stomach has something to munch on? Oh my gosh! Lately, I've been having this weird thing happening to me! When I really have to pee, or even when I just have to pee a little, I think, "What's stopping me from just going right here?" and it seems like a perfectly normal idea. I've almost peed in my seat about four times today. My urethra's all like, "Yeah, let's do it! Let's pee!" and it starts to fill up before I'm like, "No! Back! Get back in my bladder, bastard-child!" Right now I'm in Personal Finance. It's a good class to take, but I have no friends in here. I know almost everyone, but I don't actually like the majority of 'em. They throw around words like "faggot" and "gay" and "homo" like it's no big thing. (Michelle: Before this goes any further, you should probably know that Maria is bisexual... okay... go ahead.) People who are gay can use these words, but not them. I realize this is a double standard. Ah, well. I'm wearing rainbow earings. Let's hear it for Pride! YEAH! I had a nice discussion on religion a little while ago. It makes a little Maria-chan like me smile :) That's it. I'm done. You can leave.....NOW!

<3 Maria

P.S. Michelle's birthday is the seventeenth. Send her an email, or something, congratulating her for having survived this far.

P.P.S. I just made a pee-pee, and I didn't sit far enough back on the seat so I peed on the floor o_O I'm not proud.