NOOKITT #3- 10/7/03- School:
Lyn just got back from an anime convention. Michelle and I, avid anime fans for years, have never been to a con. Lyn, into anime for four months, got to live out our dream. She brought us back presents, though, so I guess all is well. I'd like to make a shout-out to MaryBeth (of
Happy Honeybee) who is walking five miles for a breast cancer fund raiser! You're a better woman than I. So now on to Boy Meets Boy. Who else is infuriated with Skids crush on Harley? Cy is the perfect man for him! Cy! Come ON, Sandra, give your fans a break! We need some mush, not angst! (Michelle: Mmm.... angstilicious....) OOO! In other news, FAKE the manga is out in America! If you don't know, it's a shonen-ai manga with delicious boy-lovin'. Guess what? My family got a puppy. Michelle hates that puppy with a blinding passion that I don't quite understand (Michelle: It's true). Whenever I touch animals, she gets upset. For example... "If you touch tha donkey one more time, I'll CRY!!" "HA! I'm glad that goose bit you!" "Stop feeding the horse! STOP FEEDING THE HORSE!" It's strange. Isn't it strange? On a lighter note, congratulations to us on one year of comic running-yayness! A whole year already. What's that? No, no, no, of course our excessive popularity hasn't gone to our heads! Don't be silly, you infantile little munchkin with no webcomic that would be missed if you suddenly were to die. Leave me 'lone now. Go on. Shoo! (Michelle: Don't mind her. She hasn't taken her medication today... Seriously, she hasn't).

In happiness, love, and hopefully not too much gas,