NOOKITT #5- 1/10/04- Home:

Wow, it's been a while, huh? I guess the fact that I haven't pandered to the masses like I promised makes me a liar. Fancy that. ANYway, first and foremost, I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year! Be strong, keep those resolutions! Right now, I am sitting at Michelle's comp, and have just finished coloring a comic, which will be posted soon! Currently, Chelle and I are listening to Irish music. The song that's playing is called "Crooked Jack." It's about a man who was 6'2", who worked in a coal mine, and now his back is crooked. I love the Irish. And the riders of Rohan, from LoTR. Those guys are hard core. A couple of weeks ago, my computer was being eaten by a plethora of viruses, so I restored it to it's original manufactured condition. I no longer have any viruses, but I lost everything. I couldn't get online! I missed you all so much! During Christmas break, Chelle and I got lost on our way to a distant mall, and when we pulled over to seek direstions, guess what was right in front of us?! A pub by the name "Napper Tandy's!" All you from the forums may remember that name....he's the horribly misshapen crab that I draw! I got the name from an Irish song. I wonder if they did, too. Do you want to hear about my new obsession? Of course you do, that's why you're here^__^ I have discovered the lovliness that is JackXWill, from Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates are hot 0____0 Jillian dressed up as a pirate, and she was hot, too. If anyone knows any good fanfic/art pages for this pairing, don't hesitate to share! Does anyone here ever get in the mood for a certain pairing? Right now, I could go for some Hiei and Kurama. A new character may be introduced to the comic, by the name of Emi. She's a friend of ours that I've been trying to get Chelle to add in. Soooooo....has anyone else in the NY region noticed the FRIGGIN' ARCTIC CHILL?! Eeeeeek! Guess what? I got into college! Of course, this will seriously cut into my sitting and doing nothing time. Or not. I can't tell yet. (Michelle: Don't you love how she can go through, like, fourteen different topics in a three sentence paragraph?)

Lovies! <3


P.S. Next time, i hope to have the 'stats', a.k.a. 'statistics', of Michelle, myself, and some of our friends! Maybe this time, I'll post BEFORE a couple more months pass, yes?