NOOKITT #6- 6/13/04- Home:

I suppose I should skip all that nonsense about how sorry I am for not writing for such a long time, and go right into he Nookitt, yes? Chelle's mommy bought the Hercules and Xena first season box set. It's ultra-superlicious fun! The two of us also have a new passion; bread baking. Everyone should give it a try. I'm so OLD now, people :( School is out, and I'm graduating on the 27th. College orientation is this Tuesday. Then, the next four years will fly by, and before I know it, I'll be dead. But on the plus side, Michelle bought me a tiny ceramic watering can to water my cacti with. I don't believe I've ever mentioned them here. Their names are Flaubert and Colbert...the 'bert' part is pronounced 'bear.' Flaubert is kinda tall and pointy with lots of arms, and Colbert is tiny and round, but rather wide. I love them so very very much. Today was the Pride parade! I didn't get to go because of Mike's graduation party, but Lyn, Jillian, Michelle and I went to the park later on, where everyone was celebrating. Michelle and I made a deal today. When we go to college, we have to start working out. Not for health reasons, but because we saw this episode of Hercules where this big man got stuck trying to go between a boulder and a wall. Then, he got dead. So I guess it IS sorta for health reasons. Not being dead is a huge health issue. OOO!! Guess what? There's a rabbit living in Michelle's daddy's garden! It was just sitting there one day, by a little tree that's not suppossed to be growing in the garden area, and we were all looking at it. But then, Sal had to ruin it all by walking through the garden gates at straight at the bunny. Do you know what the poor little mammal did next? He was so afraid of big, lumbering Sal that he started blugeoning himself against the fence in hopes of escaping the confines of the garden. I yelled at Sal something good. I think he felt bad, and that was also good. We cleared away some weeds chocking the asparagas, and this, too, was very good. In other news, Jillian got the cartilige of her left ear pierced. When asked if it hurt, she responded, "Only when I do this," and began to flick at it. Hey! That's it for this one! Perhaps I'll be better at updating now that it's summer. Or not. Who knows these things?