"A Thousand Words"
(We'll have a photo of one of the actual books tomorrow--  5" x 8" and staple-bound)
In an effort to keep Michelle in college, we present you with "A Thousand Words," a 20-page shonen-ai story (PG-13ish, with a wee bit of non-consensual situations). The story is told in pictures instead of words, and it's done in a style somewhat different than "Shonen-Ai Kudasai!" (as you can see from the sample cover).
We offer it in black and white ($3), grayscale ($6), and stunning full-color ($9)
[grayscale and color provided by the ever-magnificent Roman of "The B-Movie Comic," so, you know... it's not crap XD]. Shipping & Handling is $1 (we can only ship to the United States, sorry!!).

See what the critics are saying!

"Oh my goodness. I just exploded from cuteness! XD" -RA (of the ComicGenesis Forums)

"So sweet that my teeth have entered a rapid state of decay, just from looking at it." -Roman (of "The B-Movie Comic")

"That was the best story I've 'read' in a while! And the art is simply adorable, you guys certainly know how to lay out a page (and a fabulous story), and goodness o_o You guys have a serious talent." -Kate (of our Fanart page)

"I think you're going to get arrested for the amount of people who will have died from the cuteness of ATW. XD I believe (and I'm quite sure most will agree) that this is the best executed example of your art ever. You exhibit every delightful facet of your art that we see in SAK, especially your adorable chibis. Roman also did a wonderful, wonderful job with the grayscale. It really adds a delightful dimension (literally!). You made a wonderful decision to do the dialogue the way you did, because it allows the reader to imagine (something most comic-type things have not allowed for a long time)." -Thoreador (of our Fanart page)

"Will you bake me some banana nut bread, now?" -Sal (of Michelle's younger brother)

So don't miss out! Get your copy today! :D (...Please?)
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